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IL facilities

We have made the difficult decision to cease all production activities and shut down our Anaconda, Montana facility on June 30, 2021. This unique site has presented significant logistical challenges since opening the plant in 2013. 

“We are proud of all that our team has accomplished in assisting The Atlantic Richfield Company led recycling initiatives at the site by removing copper slag for beneficial reuse applications.” said President, Peter Kossis.

We are excited to announce that we have been making significant investments in our Coffeen, IL and Galveston, TX facilities. Our expansion plans include substantial investments in both plants’ automated packaging lines and warehouse capacity. We are also adding rail car loading capability at the Galveston location. The facility improvements will be completed in the coming weeks and will allow us to continue to serve our clients while also providing a seamless transition from our Anaconda operations. Future growth goals include diversifying our product offering and additional plant locations.