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What matters


Imagine saving your company time and money, while improving worker safety, reducing liability risk, and showing key stakeholders your commitment to environmentally responsible initiatives.



Tell us about your project and we’ll let you know if you qualify for PROTECT!

Discover a simple abrasive waste management solution.

Get all the Black Diamond abrasives you need, reliably delivered where and when you need it. Prepare and restore your surfaces with the largest number of standard gradations on the market today, but without the higher price points of certain specialty abrasives.

And when your job is done, we’ll remove the abrasives in a safe, and environmentally- conscious manner that takes this burden off of your plate. Instead of taking your spent abrasives to a landfill, we recycle it into construction applications.

“Not only the acquisition of the abrasive, but also the collection and disposal of the abrasive has become an expensive part of an overall jobsite.”

– Bill Nelson - Axxiom Manufacturing, Vice President of Production